Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our doggy lost a tooth the other evening. We had thought we'd have to spend a fortune getting it removed, but she bit down on something hard and it was loose enough that Partner could just reach in and snatch it out before she realized. She's had very bad teeth since we got her two years ago; this one was completely covered over with plaque. I'm glad it's out.

I'm trying not to get too stressed out over my coursework, now that it's down to the home stretch. I have all my final assignments and projects due pretty much all at once; I have to fit my studies around my work schedule and try to squeeze in any gardening I can, with no time for anything else. Housework? I don't think so.

After work this evening I planted broccoli, runner beans, more carrots, and zuccini. While doing so, Partner pulled up a bucket of weeds. I have a special kit for weeding: it consists of a 2-ish gallon bucket, a big canvas-covered pillow, a pair of gloves, and a little hand fork. I don't like to sit on the ground and I don't like to crouch, so I sit or kneel on the pillow. I also don't like dirt under my fingernails, so I always wear gloves. Partner hasn't adopted my way of weeding yet, but he's getting there. He got the gloves on and filled up the bucket.

I made this bag a little while ago to hold my clothespins. I had a block of corduroy patchwork left over from ages ago, and made a very easy tote with a boxed bottom, edged with a thrift store bought ribbon, (though it's kind of difficult to see in the photo) and I had so much fun making it, I want to make a dozen more. The only thing is, I can't think of any uses for another.


Abe and Tracy Poulsen said...

You can always send one of those bags to me. I love it!!! (Postage might be a bit high, though.) I have missed reading your blog. Good luck in the garden. My garden got snow and record cold temperatures last week. Crazy weather in the middle of April.

Gilbrides said...

I love the bag. Also, what talent you have in making home made yogurt. I would love to try. . I just get nervous about it getting moldy!