Saturday, July 04, 2009

My last bouquet for June features pink roses, hydrangea, campanula, and ferns. You can see a spike of lupin from my front garden out the window. Those lupins really outdid themselves this year.

I'm still waking up earlier than I have been used to, and feeling tired earlier as well. It's odd to go to bed and fall asleep within ten minutes. Partner can do it in two. In the past few months I've often lay in bed for an hour or more, not able to sleep. I'm not sure what's changed. I do know I don't generally need my full eleven hours any more, and mostly wake up after seven or eight. And if there's a particularly loud bird out the window, I sometimes wake up after just five.

I told my mother that our dog nearly caught a blackbird, and she felt sorry for it. I, however, felt sorry for the dog. The blackbird was in MY kitchen eating kibbles out of MY dog's dish. She got it by the tail, but the bird escaped, leaving behind its tailfeathers in her mouth. This is not the first theft, either. Partner says he's even seen one teaching its children how to steal dogfood from the kitchen. Rotten birds.

I asked Partner if it was shameless of me to post my menus. He said, "What, the list of everything I've cooked for the last three weeks?"

[crickets chirping]

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