Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So far my goals for July have been sadly neglected. I've had a bad case of the Don't Wannas and most of my free time has been spent in very unprofitable ways (like lounging on the couch reading or sleeping in). In fact, the Don't Wannas have nearly taken over my life, but even awareness of this gives me little strength to fight back.

Partner has been very motivated recently to keep the kitchen clean. I generally clean it when I wake up if I have the time/inclination, or just before I decide to cook dinner. So it can stay messy for a whole day even. But he really went over it a few days ago (even polishing the front of the oven door) and has been keeping it pretty clean since then. The one room in the house I really care about cleanliness is the kitchen, and it makes me very happy that he's doing it.

This photo features a selection of my lilies; they live right next to my runnerbeans (not pictured). What a fabulous smell: just walking out the back door is enough to give me a noseful of them. I think this fall I may move them to live in the bed of rosebushes out back; they might not be so squished there. Partner says when he stands at the sink to do dishes the yellowy-pinky lily stares at him. He thinks it's unnerving.

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Gilbrides said...

Wow, those are gorgeous lillies!! You have the greenest thumb!!