Monday, August 08, 2011

Spare time? Knit!

I knit this cardigan myself, from pattern Grandstand from the Red Heart website. The yarn was formerly from a store-bought pullover. It's lovely, soft cotton. I started knitting at the end of April, which means it took me just about three months to complete. I hope my next project doesn't take quite so long--but I did have other commitments (school, work, Franklin) which took more of my time. On the other hand, this washable dust mop cover took me two days to crochet. The pattern is from Craftzine website. It's fantastic. I need another couple--keeps me motivated to clean!
I'm taking part in a knitting/crochet challenge for this month called Cast On Mania. The full challenge is to start a new project every day of the month (finishing them during the month is not required). My mop cover is one of my projects. I've also started a sock, a basket, a hat, and a scarf. I don't have the resources to start a new project every single day, but I'm starting all the patterns I've wanted to knit/crochet for a while. I ought to finish them all by the end of the year. Also on the agenda is another cardigan for myself, the second sock (and possibly a second pair), something for Franklin for this winter, a doormat for our back door, and another scarf.

There's one small problem, however. I've mentioned how I like to unravel items for their yarn: well, half of my yarn has yet to be unraveled so I can use it.


Kim Zuch said...

You are so smart! The crocheted dust mop is an awesome idea. I've never learned to knit or crochet but always "thought about it." Good luck with your future projects!

Gilbrides said...

Ditto on Kim's comment, but not only are you so smart, you are so talented and lovely!! Fantastic job on the cardigan!!! I LOVE it! (Love seeing pictures of you as well!)