Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's the first day for at least a week in which I woke up to dry pavement outside; two hours later it's still dry. I tentatively put out my laundry on the line and even went so far as to put another load on. Because of the way washing machines work in this country, a load of laundry takes anywhere from one to two hours. I generally put a load on the last thing before I go to bed and then hang it up when I get up in the morning. Today after I hung mine out I decided to do the next load, in case we don't get another sunny day this week. On Friday, my last post, when it rained so much all day long, we were surprised to see bright sunny football games on tv from other parts of the country. Indecently bright and sunny, compared to our soggy misery. It's not like it's a big country; how come we got so much rain where 150 miles away it was all happy daisies and bunnies sunshine?

I can hardly believe May is nearly over; I have accomplished only one of my gardening goals for this month: the planting out of the broccoli. I'm almost afraid to admit how many broccoli seedlings I planted in the ground. But I will: sixty-three. And, uh...there's still about thirty more not yet planted...As far as other veg goes, I think I planted about forty rainbow chard seedlings, fifteen or so broad bean plants, and maybe twenty runner bean plants. And five squash and seven zuccini. I couldn't possibly comment on the number of carrots (pictured in last week's rain) as I have three big planters of them, one planter of lettuce, and one of beets.

Partner was trying to take a simple portrait of me for an ID. He has such patience.

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