Wednesday, May 06, 2009

While planting out some seedlings in the broad bean/cabbage bed, I heard some gentle chirping above me. I looked up into the garage eaves and saw a robin with a mouthful of food holding very very still, pretending to be a statue. The robin was perched on a bit of mossy debris, and behind it was a tiny beak just visible. I realized what it was. I rushed inside to tell Partner that I'd discovered the reason we'd been seeing robins so often in the garden. And I sent him out with the camera to see if he could photo it. I couldn't actually see any fledglings from my vantage point, so when I saw this picture, I nearly melted from the cuteness.

Also pictured is a photo from a few years back, just to show what an adult English robin looks like. They are slightly smaller than a sparrow, gray all over with a red throat and white breast. Apparently they are very territorial and only during the mating season will you see two together.

I haven't been sleeping well lately. I think it's the end of term stress. Too many assignments in too short a period. I'm working on at least one every day, but with five still to finish and submit...

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