Thursday, March 24, 2005

Chapter Three, Section Two

I keep posting about gardening but that is what I'm most excited about. Plus my house is turning into a jungle with all the little seedlings I've got. The kitchen window is full of tomatoes, carnations, and snapdragons, and the houseplants that were there previously have had to move; everywhere I look there is something green and leafy.

And everything outside is taking off like rockets. We have a lot of flowering shrubs in the backyard, and the pond has been paid a visit by the Frog Egg Fairy. Our neighbors' magnolia is putting on a fantastic show. I'd like a magnolia in our yard. It might be nice in the front. We're one of the few houses on our street that actually has a front yard; most everyone's has been turned into a driveway.

Partner and I are planning a trip at the end of April. I'm not sure where we're going, but I suggested Cornwall and it was received favorably. I've not been there yet and it sounds nice. If we went, we'd be there for May Day. It's a bigger holiday here than in the US; after all, it originated here as a pagan or perhaps Druidic holiday. And it's still a bank holiday (equivalent to a federal holiday, which means the banks and government offices close). Good Friday is also a bank holiday here, which incidently means I'll be getting double pay for working it. It's tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Chapter Three, Section One

I've had a busy past few weeks. We've had a guest over for a few days, I've worked too many extra shifts at work, and partner has been off seeing concerts at various venues. But I think things are back to normal now. I've got a day off at last.

So I'm excited about our vegetable garden. The first rows of spinach and carrots got planted yesterday. My little tomatoes at all about six inches tall now with lots of leaves and are very happy looking. Now I just have to start getting excited about the rest of the yard.

Partner has been digging out ugly shrubs and carting away nonstrategically placed rocks for me in both the front and back yard. I've dug over a few flowerbeds and of course I take care of the roses. We do have lots of roses. I don't have a plan for the yard, though. I just want it to be a relaxing space. One of our neighbors has a fairly well groomed yard, but it's very sterile looking. I don't know if I would call it relaxing. The other neighbor has a tiny tiny backyard full of nettles and dandelions. We actually got lucky; most of the houses on the street came with very small backyards but ours is quite big.

I guess it's because we have extra space from a driveway and garage. The garage doesn't fit either of our cars; partner has it full of junk. It's really kind of amazing because we hired a dumpster/skip for a weekend just to throw out all the stuff in there. And we filled it up. I don't understand where all of this new junk came from. In addition to a garage we also have a little rickety shed. I don't care much for it. Anything housed in there could easily go in the garage. Plus, when the wind blows the shed sags. Plus if it was gone, we'd have an extra space for vegetables.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Chapter Two, Section Five

So two days ago I went to the gym after work and lifted some weights. I worked on both my upper arms and legs, for about half an hour. I've never done any weight training before in my life. Now today, two days later, I can still barely lift my arms. My husband remarked last night that my biceps looked big; I had to tell him it was because they were swollen from too much activity. It's not serious, just uncomfortable.

I cleaned out my bank account last week buying new glasses. I should be getting them late this week or perhaps early next week. It's a rare occasion that I get new glasses; I have worn contacts for so long (almost ten years). I used to be so ashamed of my glasses. I thought they made me look so ugly and they were always the cheapest (and therefore least fashionable) frames. Now I can afford to buy designer frames and thinner lenses. My first pair of non-ugly glasses I bought for myself maybe three years ago. They were the first wire framed specs I'd ever owned. I guess my parents could never afford to buy me nice looking glasses; I never asked. However, I'm tired of these glasses, and they are just beginning to be out of focus. And I'm getting a new pair of stylish spectacles that I don't have to be ashamed to wear.

To tell the truth, I've stopped caring about how my glasses make me look. I care more about being able to see clearly. Which relates to another issue: my weight. Last week I threw out all the clothes that are too small for me now that I'm up to a size 11/12 (US). I've decided that they make me feel guilty, take up too much space, and I look silly popping out of clothes that are too small. So when I drop back to a size 9/10, I'll get myself a whole new wardrobe to celebrate. And lifting weights and using the ski machine at the gym will help me get back.