Thursday, August 25, 2011

Producing, seed collecting, potty champion

After an exceptionally dry summer, my garden keeps on producing. I have zuccinis growing to the size of bowling pins (I blame Partner for that one. I leave him alone for two days, and look what happens!). My French beans are ten inches long. I have rosebushes with dozens of long-stemmed roses: How I wish I had a whole garden of these right now. Oh wait. I do!

Partner and I both have next week off, so we made a schedule of Things To Do. We're switching Franklin's bedroom and the office; he'll have the smallest room and the office will combine with the guest room. We're also filling in the pond; the fishies all died, poor things, so its day has come. It will be a nice shady seating area. We're even planning a sandbox for Franklin there. Just not next week. The time has come to stop deadheading my sweetpeas. Last year I stopped too late in the year for seeds to develop. I'm not making that mistake again! So far my tally of collected seeds includes:
  1. Columbine
  2. Lupin
  3. Honesty
  4. Cabbage
I have beet and chard seeds leftover from last year, too. Perhaps they'll still grow next year. This year's chard is a winner, but the beets disappointed. I don't blame the beets. They got planted in the wrong place: overshadowed and underwatered. I'll be a better gardener next year.My neighbor gave me 6+ pounds of plums from her tree. I'm overwhelmed. I think tomorrow is Jam Day.

This week Franklin understands how to use the toilet. He tells me. I put him on. He uses. I hope this lasts!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A portrait from a wedding, upcoming plans, and a painting

Here I am with my little buddy. We go everywhere together. He's like my little shadow. I knitted his black vest; I've had several compliments on it.

This weekend we went to a wedding in Essex. I enjoyed myself and don't think I embarrassed Partner (designated driver) at the reception. Franklin also enjoyed himself; I've never seen him so sociable. Normally he doesn't like to be too close to strangers, but he wanted to be friends with all the pretty girls there. All wedding photos (including Franklin kissing pretty girls) are here. I was there in my capacity as aunt of the bride (I think I'm about eight years older than she is).

I also enjoyed a quick stroll through a few charity shops while in London. I would love to visit the charity shops in the swanky neighborhoods, but this time I contented myself with the East Side. Still, I came away happy. At the end of the month I'm looking forward to a jaunt through them in York; two winters ago I found my gorgeous Givenchy coat at a charity shop there; maybe I'll find something just as great this time. I could use some fabulous new clothes.

After reading through the schedules for upcoming classes, I find that I have a three month break coming between the end of these two and the beginning of the next. I may just have time to work on a few projects I've been putting off. I've got some decorating up my sleeve, and possibly some sewing, and definitely some organizing.

Speaking of decorating, see Franklin's blog for our newly acquired masterpiece. It needs a suitable frame: I'm thinking big and gold.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Spare time? Knit!

I knit this cardigan myself, from pattern Grandstand from the Red Heart website. The yarn was formerly from a store-bought pullover. It's lovely, soft cotton. I started knitting at the end of April, which means it took me just about three months to complete. I hope my next project doesn't take quite so long--but I did have other commitments (school, work, Franklin) which took more of my time. On the other hand, this washable dust mop cover took me two days to crochet. The pattern is from Craftzine website. It's fantastic. I need another couple--keeps me motivated to clean!
I'm taking part in a knitting/crochet challenge for this month called Cast On Mania. The full challenge is to start a new project every day of the month (finishing them during the month is not required). My mop cover is one of my projects. I've also started a sock, a basket, a hat, and a scarf. I don't have the resources to start a new project every single day, but I'm starting all the patterns I've wanted to knit/crochet for a while. I ought to finish them all by the end of the year. Also on the agenda is another cardigan for myself, the second sock (and possibly a second pair), something for Franklin for this winter, a doormat for our back door, and another scarf.

There's one small problem, however. I've mentioned how I like to unravel items for their yarn: well, half of my yarn has yet to be unraveled so I can use it.