Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've drastically cut down my goals for this month, and will be doing the same for May. Mostly because my plans were simply unachievable. I wanted to do stuff, but couldn't find the time with a newborn. My newborn is now almost eight weeks old and is actually taking naps on his own for more than ten minutes at a time and I have now managed to get light housework, study, and gardening into my day. And knitting and reading if I'm lucky.

This crocus flowered in my front lawn last month; I can't decide if I like the purple or the yellow better--I've got both. I love them but they only seem to last a few days--a week at most. I've had a lovely showing of daffodils and tulips this year and the bluebells and iris are set to flower soon. The early ones (daffs) came up late, and now the late ones (bluebells) are coming up early. Because of the long freeze and nearly constant snow, even the snowdrops didn't show until March, and they are normally flowering in January.

So. My potatoes are in the ground, courtesy of Partner, and my sweet peas are also all down. My runner beans and zuccini are sprouting and I'm ready to plant my celeriac outside. But a sneaky snail keeps nipping off the tops of my cabbage seedlings. Every day I go outside and find one less. If it just left one leaf, the cabbage could still grow, but there's only a bare stalk remaining. My mother thought it was yucky that I step on snails. If they were doing that to her cabbages, she might feel differently: that crunch is awfully satisfying.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last year's broccoli has now taken off. If you recall, I thought the caterpillars had demolished it permanently. Then I figured it was just too late in the season and too cold. But of course I was too pregnant (i.e. big and lazy) to go out and pull the stuff up, so I just let it lie.

Am I glad I did. Whoever heard of harvesting fresh broccoli in April? We've got loads of it: it's purple, and it's the sprouting type. I made sure I got the same kind planted this year. I will also be more vigilant about the caterpillars (I was too soft-hearted to kill them last year. Maybe I'll collect them and feed them to the fish in the pond this year).

I think I have most of my seeds planted now. Except, of course, the succession of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, lettuce, and beets, which I plant a small batch of every few weeks. I've got most of my flowers in, too. Just need to plant the rest of my potatoes while I still have a chance...

Of course, my little boy doesn't let me have a lot of time to myself. Today he had a total of one hour's nap at about 10AM, and now it is nearly 8PM, and he's currently having his second. Or maybe this is his night's sleep. He hasn't had his bath yet, but if he stays asleep, I'm quite happy to skip it for one night.

I've been knitting him a cardigan for next winter; I've had the wool in my stash since before I got married and now I'm finally using it. I've discovered the joy of knitting and crocheting for babies. Partner got me two circular needles--they're awesome: much quicker to knit with than straight needles. I think I might need more, in different sizes. And more yarn. I borrowed a book of knitting patterns from the library and want to make all of them. Will I? This remains to be seen, but if I do, I will definitely show them off here.

Friday, April 09, 2010

I tried popping the baby in his stroller yesterday in order to take advantage of some glorious sunshine. He didn't much like it, but in between the screams I managed to weed a little, stake some plants, and deadhead a few daffodils. Two whole loads of laundry also went out on the line. It was lovely. Today is similar in temperature and sunnyness and instead of risking another stroller failure, I went for the sling. He was happy to sleep in it while I planted out my broad beans. Fingers crossed the slugs don't annihilate them.

My mother was very industrious while she was here and did a lot of weeding, pruning, and planting. My garden looks ten times better than when she first arrived. She also bought me a beautiful yellow rhododendron; I can't wait for it to flower.

Our Easter involved too much chocolate and a puking baby. No, I didn't give him any; Partner ate his egg. But we surmise the chocolate milk disagreed with him so I'm only allowed one piece per day. Bummer.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just a quick one

Friends, I wish I had more to blog about, but I really don't. I'm doing full-time baby duty--I don't know how women do this on their own; I'm SO glad my mother's here. And when she leaves next week, Partner has two weeks off work. Because of this, at least I can get some sleep, even if it is only at two-hour intervals.

I managed to plant some seeds outdoors this past month. I saved my milk jugs to act as mini-cloches and have planted carrots and chard under them (so far). I also have lettuce sprouting in a big pot on my patio--time to plant another batch. And this weekend since Partner's off work my potatoes are going in the ground. Last spring I got all sorts done, only to get awful nausea and food aversions so I couldn't enjoy the results of my labor. This year I've got an adorable little baby distracting me. What good timing I have.