Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer days

Photo of a rosebush with two yellow roses blooming
Yellow rose, lovely this year
It's been an unusually warm and dry spring and summer this year.  I've got quite a tan, and even some highlights in my hair--all natural, of course.  My garden is doing well, but needs regular watering:  not a common occurance on this rainy island. 

We've been to the seaside a few times, taking advantage of the warm weather.  We're about an hour and a half drive from our favorite beach and last time we went, we all went swimming:  or doggy paddling, at least.  The water was certainly warm enough;  Franklin practiced keeping his mouth shut while jumping waves (normally he never shuts his mouth--we can't get a word in edgewise!) and I got wet all the way up to my neck.  I dared Partner to do so too, and he rose to the challenge (eventually).

On the downside, it's hayfever season too.  I've been pretty miserable for a few days, without regular rain to wash away the pollen.  Normally I'm hoping the rain will stop--but now I want a nice refreshing shower every day.  Instead, I've had to take drastic measures:  a shower every night before bed to wash pollen off me, newly washed clothing every day (normally I'll wear clothes for about a week before washing, unless they're noticeably dirty), and splashing my face and arms with cold water several times a day.  I'm sick of it.  Let it rain!

This is Franklin's last week before school's out.  I wrote "Last Day" on the calendar with a smiley face next to it;  when he saw it, he told me I should have made a sad face instead.  He'll be sorry to leave his teacher and said he likes school because he's learning things to be a grown up man. 

We don't have any particular plans for when school's out (I have the full six weeks off work, too), though his grandparents will be visiting us for about two weeks.  Maybe we'll go to the beach.