Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hen house, snow

We built a permanent-ish chicken house of stacked straw bales.  It's bigger than the old one, and is much better insulated.  It's tall enough for a perch, unlike the first house.  However, I don't think our chickens actually roost on the perch--I don't think they know how;  they sleep on the floor in a big pile.

 My new window box is weatherproofed and ready for planting.  Like the big brick planter on the patio, it's got a layer of sticks at the bottom to improve drainage and add fertility.   Partner built it for me for Christmas;  I've got plans to put in herbs, flowers, and cherry tomatoes. 
 In case you didn't notice, we've had some snow around here!  I made a total of two snowmen but they didn't last long, sadly. 
Our last snowfall was four days ago, and it's dried and warmed up since then;  today I sat on that very bench above and knitted in the sun without a coat or hat on. 

Last week I optimistically sowed a bunch of trays of seeds, some of which are now sprouting in my kitchen.  I can't remember all I planted, but in a rare instance of foresight I actually labeled the trays as I sowed them;  I know I've got cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli sprouting.  Oh, and speaking of broccoli, my purple sprouting broccoli out back is thinking about it.  I let the chickens have access to it for a few weeks in winter and they stripped all the lower leaves, but the tops are still intact and beginning to form little buds.  My rhubarb's also making a comeback, and I borrowed a rhubarb cookbook from the library to investigate.  Since we don't eat much sugar any more (did I mention Partner's diabetic?) I'll see if I can find a savoury use for rhubarb.