Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keep on burning

Yesterday was so warm that I actually wore a sleeveless top and became seriously concerned about sunburn. I transplanted lots of little feverfew seedlings to the front of a vegetable bed. Compact little plants, they have nice white daisy-like flowers to brighten up my veggies. I also ordered about seven or nine seed packets online last night and look forward to their delivery this week. Most of the seeds I ordered I've never grown before, like echinacea and amaranthus. Here's hoping they do well.

Today is also predicted to be a scorcher (as far as possible in March) but at the moment a thick stew of fog covers everything. So I don't think I'll make a start on gardening just yet. I had thought I might move all my crocuses to the front lawn: they look lovely when naturalized in grass. I think I must have about thirty or so bulbs--just about right for our tiny lawn. And over time they'll increase themselves so maybe one day in the future they'll carpet the whole lot. Crocuses remind me of little Easter eggs nesting in the ground.

Since it was hot yesterday I cooled off indoors with a bit of tidying. Slowly my disgraceful house transforms into a spotless haven. Slowly being the key word. Now that the days are longer than the nights I feel more energized to get some things done. Good for me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Yesterday and today we've had some snow flurries in between sunshine. I can't believe it's nearly equinox and we've got snow. It's not sticking, thanks to the sun, but it is COLD. I wanted to take a picture of it yesterday but I couldn't find the batteries for the camera. I think Partner hid them. It's also been extremely windy and my daffodils are being blown to pieces. Some that have fallen over I've brought inside and plunked in vases.

This weekend Partner and I put up some wallpaper in the bathroom. Two walls are done and it looks a lot brighter. We've also stripped off wallpaper in the kitchen which ended up a mighty task. It also is only half done. When Parter did the living room, the wallpaper pretty much fell off in his hands. It only took a quick tug and the whole section gave up the ghost. But in the kitchen it involves a lot of scraping with thin-edged instruments after misting the paper thoroughly. Partner claims he has shoulder pain, residue from last year's injury, and that he can't possibly do any sort of repetitive motion with it. So I've done most of the scrapeage.

When Partner walks in from work on a day like this his greeting kiss is always so cold I call him Freezy Man. But more often it's Freezy Me since I get colder easier than he does. I think body hair has something to do with it. He's got a natural fur coat and unless I grow my hair a lot longer I'll never catch up. I'm pretty darn hairless. And he thinks a beard makes him look manly, however I prefer a shaven face. A beard goes up my nose. But I draw the line at a moustache. I won't kiss him if he has just a moustache without the beard. If he ever kissed a moustache he would understand.

Friday, March 16, 2007


I uploaded the link to my newest garden photos. It's posted on the left side of my blog there below my photo. I might take more pictures later when more things flower. I've got the beginnings of forget-me-nots and my tulips are forming buds. Last week I split up one of my older lupins into three pieces and spread them out. So far they are looking just fine. I also attempted to start my hydrangea propagating through layering: I cut a little notch in three different stems, pegged them down on the ground and tied them to a cane. Hopefully where they are notched they'll grow roots and I'll be able to dig them up and replant them elsewhere. I was thinking they'd be nice in the front--if they take, that is. It's supposed to take six months.

I was also thinking of moving some of my red peonies to the front. They are kind of overshadowed in the back and, since I have redefined a lot of the beds, are out of place. One of them is big enough to think about dividing it. We divided one I think two years ago and it didn't flower the first year but it did the next. I also think my yellow peony could be divided but I'm loath to disturb it. It flowers much earlier than the red ones and I always look forward to it. My gramma and her sister have so many different kinds in their yard that they have peonies all summer long. That would be wonderful.

Since about two weeks ago I have half-emptied my composter spreading it around my beds. I still haven't got a second one, but in a pinch I suppose I could just throw the stuff in a pile. We used to have a pile. It was huge. Unlike a pile, with a composter I don't have to dig to the bottom to get the yummy stuff. There's a little door at the bottom so I can just open it up and chip it out.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some sunshine

Since I planted my seeds last week several marigolds and zinnias have popped up. It's very exciting. Marigolds especially are so bright and cheerful and so lovely and spicy. Not to eat of course. To smell. I also took some pictures of flowers in my garden today. I'll post a link to the side once I upload them.

Yesterday I made sushi for dinner. Talk about YUMMY. I think I could eat it every day. A lot of people think sushi is raw fish. Sashimi is raw fish. Sushi is technically vinegared rice usually served with vegetables and fish--raw or cooked. I made broiled salmon to go with ours. And freshly pickled ginger. You dip the fish/veg/rice in soy sauce and gobble it up. Then you eat a piece of ginger every several mouthfuls and it goes zing. I've had sushi rolls before but I've never eaten at a sushi bar or anything. I'd like to. I'm really interested in Japanese cuisine now. Since I saw Lost in Translation I've really wanted to go to Japan. Well, even before that. I fell in love with Japan once I saw Spirited Away. I saw another animated movie (Partner says it's by the same director as Spirited Away) called My Neighbor Totoro recently. It really bowled me over.

Partner's downstairs right now watching rugby. I don't quite understand it. It's kind of like American football only they don't wear any padding or helmets and they really don't stop gameplay at all. The ball is constantly moving. If they get tackled, somebody else picks up the ball and runs with it. Or kicks it. It's confusing. And they all look like they've been hit a few times too many. Actually Partner used to play rugby as a teenager and damaged his back playing it. He was confined to bed for two years and now endures chronic back problems. Luckily he didn't suffer any long-term brain damage. Getting hit in the head a lot will do that.

Monday, March 05, 2007


This weekend Partner and I stayed up till midnight to watch the full lunar eclipse. It stayed completely eclipsed for about an hour and glowed faintly red. The weatherman had forecast it to be a horrible grey day with no respite from the rain but it was sunny and warm as anything and very clear that night.

During the day I planted carrots, onions, lettuce, spinach, cosmos, marigolds, and delphiniums. Just seeds, of course. I have five little trays indoors and three outdoors under our cold frame. Partner cut back some of the rosebushes and did some digging. I thought I heard frogs burping in the pond but I may have imagined it.

We're both looking forward to my mother's visit in two months. We've got a few places in mind that we want to take her to such as Fountains Abbey and the city of York. I think the bluebells will be in flower when she comes. And we can go walking on the moors if the weather agrees. She's going to bring material to make curtains for my kitchen. I think Partner and I may try to redecorate the kitchen this week. He's got the week off and so do I. The wallpaper is falling off the walls but no matter what I'd still want it replaced: I don't like grasshopper green. I want the walls to be plain clean white and the cupboard doors repainted red. Right now they're kind of a medium blue. And I'm going to have red and white gingham curtains.