Monday, October 31, 2011

New and improved life

Strips of our old carpet cover the earth in my new raised vegetable beds: weed suppression.

I divided my lilies and moved about half to the front garden. I hope they like it there. I originally planted five bulbs each of four or five varieties, but I definitely moved more than 25 to the front. I love propagation--especially when it requires no effort from me.

So very busy these past few weeks, but it's all self-imposed now. Cleaning my house, sewing, knitting, art, gardening. Oh and laundry. Before Franklin (BF), I washed it about two times a week. Now I wash at least one load a day, and sometimes more.

There's a lot of things I took for granted BF. Like I always assumed my career would be the most important aspect in my life, even if I had children. Well that certainly went out the window! BF I got to sleep in on my days off, and Partner and I could stay in bed all day if we wanted. BF I could go out with Partner on a whim. BF I never cleaned poo off a shag rug.

And also BF, I never had a person to call me mama; or met anyone who loves to hear me sing and asks for encores; or had someone who is always unconditionally happy to see me; or felt such a deep, fierce love for another person.

BF was good, and I remember those days fondly, but not as good as now.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October produce and projects

Exams are over. I have free evenings again!

The temperatures outside have dropped and my zuccinis have given up the ghost. We're still eating cabbage, chard, potatoes, and beans. What's left of my turnips are all pretty small still, and I've discovered they've been attacked by cabbage root fly. I never heard of this pest, but apparently it attacks all plants of the cabbage family, including turnip and broccoli. Which may be why my broccoli was a bit of a washout. I will take preventative measures next year.

Partner and I built a raised bed for vegetables. I salvaged the wood from a neighbor, Partner cut it into 4 foot lengths, and I dug over the bed and we put up the sides. We may make a second this weekend, if he's willing.

I made the preliminary mock-up of Franklin's coat. It's well-fitting, but as I wish him to wear it next winter, I must grade it up a size or two. Back to the drawing board. Luckily I've lots of scrap material to cut and try things out before I make the final project.

Also made this past week: seven new pairs of undies and two new pairs of woolly pants for Franklin. He's grown out of the last batch of undies I made, and the woollies are for night time, to keep his legs warm and dry; I'm trying to get him out of diapers completely. I took an XL 100% wool ankle-length skirt I found at a charity shop, put it through a hot wash and dry cycle to shrink and felt it. Then I cut out some simple pants and put elastic in the waist. They're so thick, warm, and fuzzy--I wish I had a few pairs too.

Franklin keeps trying to feed these berries to our dog. I think it's a pyracantha. Not poisonous to humans, and the dog is still alive so I think it's canine-safe, too.