Saturday, October 27, 2007

Every time I go to write in my blog I seem to be so exhausted I can't think of anything coherent to write about. Today is not much different. I got home from work an hour and a half ago, went on walkies with Partner and the dog, got rained on, came home and want to eat a big three-course dinner while soaking in the bath. I don't think it will happen. Partner is downstairs and I can hear him snoring from here.

So we got a kitchen floor after all. Partner persuaded me to go to a closing down sale at a home improvement center and there was some very cheap flooring which is now in the kitchen. It looks so much better now. Curtains will be next. And some wall hangings of a sort. I was thinking of creating some very large abstract art to go on one wall. Very large and very red. Or I might go for a more traditional look with some classic prints. Right now we have a Monet on one wall and two original Chinese watercolors on the other.

Whether this is coherent or not, I cannot say. I will leave it for the reader to decide and head downstairs to find some food.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We painted over that awful olive drab on the kitchen walls. It looks very bright but also a bit stark. It needs a floor and some curtains. We promised ourselves we'd buy a floor in the after-Christmas sales. I want a laminate floor. To tell the truth I'd like a new cabinet layout and countertops as well but I think I'll have to wait a bit longer for that. Slowly the house transforms.

Our dog likes tea. Last week Partner put his cup of tea on the floor next to his chair in the living room and a few minutes later we heard a loud slurping noise. As a further experiment, last night Partner poured her a little bowl out of what was left of the teapot and she drank it dry. It was Earl Grey; she has a sophisticated palate. However, she also rolled in poo yesterday so even though she's a bit of an epicure, she's still disgusting.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I bought another big bag of daffodil bulbs tonight. I told Partner I'm a sucker for bulbs. That will bring my total daffodil bulbs somewhere in the vicinity of 300. Now if I can bring up my tulip/iris/hyacinth totals that high too...yowzers. That would be AweSome. I had a look at some clearance plants at the garden center as well but they weren't clear enough for me to buy them. I saw some peonies on special but they looked a bit dead, and some cherry trees that had no tags so I didn't know if they were eating cherries or just ornamentals. But the daffodils looked great. They'll be going in the ground early next week I think.

It's just about bedtime for me. I got up very early this morning to cook breakfast at work. I like working breakfast because it means I don't have to work evenings. I can manage five o'clock wake up calls. If I have to.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It feels like fall. I'm sorely unprepared for the weather when it comes to my wardrobe. But I'm also completely broke. Broke is a bad position to be when one needs clothes. I haven't bought clothes for about a year now. I've also lost weight so my clothes are all a bit big on me.

The dog keeps tearing off new growth on my newly planted rosebushes. When she wants to get past she just bounds through them and if any branches snag on her coat, she takes them with her. So far she's carried off about three twelve-inch lengths. I asked Partner to build a little barrier to hold until they get bigger and stronger, but it doesn't deter her. I used a bunch of bamboo canes and made a little wall today. I hope it holds.