Thursday, June 24, 2010

Produce and nests (my own and birds')

Coming to the realization I haven't posted any garden pics for a while brought me to these two photos. The first: my delicious new potatoes, grown and harvested (and eaten) by me. They went very well boiled then cooled and tossed into a salad.

Secondly: my asparagus. I admit, I did not grow every spear in the photo. But I did grow some of them (can you spot the difference? We couldn't actually tell much difference in taste) if I can get away with saying two is "some." This brings my asparagus harvest for the year to a grand total of seven spears.

We have a blackbird's nest in the shrub right outside our kitchen window. When I stand at the sink washing dishes I can see mama blackbird flying back and forth to feed three greedy chickies. Partner went out to have a look, and from his angle couldn't see anything, but I could see mama blackbird chirping softly on the fence with a mouthful of goodies, waiting for him to lose interest.

I sewed a quick sun hat for Franklin this week. Though it looks big in the photo, it actually fits him quite well. Making things for my baby satisfies a very primal instinct. Rather like mama blackbird and her mouthful of goodies.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Novels, sewing diapers, personal growth

In my head, among many other plans and dreams, lurks a novel. Maybe even several. I've heard it said that everyone carries a novel in their head, and unless committed to paper, it dies with you. Two friends began writing theirs and I have been privileged to read some of each; one is a fantasy, the other a thriller. The main novel in my head is a coming-of-age story, though I have a secondary fantasy drama, possibly a children's book, and a tentative thriller plot. I've been asking people if it's true: do you have a novel (or multiples of such) to write?

For this month, my goal is to make two cloth diapers. I've made one. I cut up an old t-shirt and hoodie, made a few layers, and sewed it up. It functions as well as the bought terrycloth diapers, featuring less bulk; however, it's not as easy to Snappi (red thing in the picture); I will have to rethink my design. Actually, a fitted diaper may be on the agenda. I've got the materials (old t-shirts are great); now I need the time.

The diapers I bought are very adequate (though as I mentioned, bulky), only the plastic covers are a sad let-down. They don't fit snugly and they tear easily; in a word: leakage. I'm on the look-out for new ones, except I've not seen any other kinds. What's an environmentally-conscious mama to do?

I love blogging, and as an individual, I've changed a lot since I began. I have learned a whole lot about writing, photography, marriage, gardening; my confidence has grown, and I've jumped into the deep end of parenting. Having a weekly post motivates me to consider and document the positive in my life; I'm inspired to accomplish my goals and look for the adventure in every-day happenings.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pheasants and racehorses

This week Franklin and I took my sister and her friend to Brodsworth Hall, our local stately home. We all enjoyed seeing the grand rooms and possessions of the house. During our tour of the gardens we saw these two fine pheasant fellows. They were not as thrilled to see us as we were them.

We also discovered the playground at the Hall. The theme is ships and racehorses, seeing as that's what the original family put their money in; all three of us enjoyed springing on the mechanical racehorses while Franklin watched (with his eyes closed and mouth open) and climbing around the ship's rigging. I was personally a little scared of flying off the horses--they sprung forward and back at an alarming pace--but the two young ladies threw themselves about vigorously, and no one fell off

My garden is now in its first flush of loveliness--time I dusted of my flower vases. I arranged some roses, iris, and daisies on my windowsill; and a jug of lupins and daisies on my kitchen table. Tomorrow I will be brave and unearth some early potatoes. They haven't quite had three months, but I'm hopeful. And so far, we've eaten five asparagus spears. I kind of think that's our lot for the year, but for a first harvest, not too bad.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

From the London zoo, reporting on the weather

Franklin and I had a flying visit to London with my sister and her friend. Those two are still there with Franklin's grandparents. During our trip, we all went to the London zoo--it rocked. Several exhibits we actually entered and walked among the animals: a few aviaries; a rainforest with birds, monkeys, and at least one sloth; and a monkey enclosure. Some monkeys performed tight-rope tricks carrying their babies, right above our heads. So. Cute.

I saw animals I've never seen before--even on tv or in pictures, such as this okapi. A friendly chap, I thought it looked somewhere between a zebra and a giraffe. My understanding: okapi are so shy and skittish, they're almost never seen. This one, however, enjoyed a scratch from a delighted zoo visitor.

From a very hot end of May to a rainy start of June, it seems like the usual British summer so far. Luckily my vegetables love rain, except of course the tomatoes; only time will tell if I made a wise choice in growing them. I think my first cabbages are nearly ready to harvest, we've been eating lettuce for a few weeks, and my early potatoes have some small buds. According to my sources, the potatoes can be eaten when the plants flower. I will report on my success or lack thereof at crunch time. Or in this case, cook time.