Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I had the quietest haircut of my life last week. I figured it was about time I got rid of the split ends and stopped into a cheapie salon in town for a quick trim. The only words the hairdresser said to me were: "how much do you want off?" and "that's £5.50." Maybe I exaggerate slightly, but there was absolutely no small talk involved whatsoever. Personally I don't find it easy to make small talk with strangers. But really. You don't go in for a haircut, you go in for a forced chat about your personal life. I feel gypped.

I was only relieved of about two inches of hair. On the whole it is much neater and not so ragged. I think I will have to get another inch off in a few months, to annihilate the next generation of split ends before they take over. I read in the style section of the newspaper that the best way to be stylish is to have a good haircut. It didn't actually say what constitutes a good haircut. So I can't tell if I'm stylish or not.

Now at the advanced age of 27, I have ventured into the strange realm of skincare. In my past, skincare has been random and sporadic. Maybe a dab of sunscreen in the summer, a tube of face wash once in a great while, application of makeup rarely though amateurishly. But now I contemplate my age and my future. I am on the downhill slide of youth and soon I will be climbing the hill of middle age. Obviously I have a few more years of the youthy slidey bit, but I can see that hill a'coming. And so I have bought a few skincare products. One is a moisturizer which slightly intimidates me. Along with the usual "light, non-greasy" spiel, it claims to reveal younger looking skin upon use. When I bought it, I kind of just looked at the front label for a 15 SPF and it was really the first to hand. I also bought an exfoliating facial wash, which upon closer examination claims the same as the moisturizer. I can't believe I'm so old that I need beauty tonics for my face to make me look younger. I can't believe I'm so old that I need to look younger.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Partner got a laser mouse for his laptop. The kind without a roller thingie. So I type this on his laptop and try out his mouse. But it's hard to balance the computer on my lap and maneuver the mouse without a mousepad.

The dog and I went on Walkies though really today it should be termed as Swimmies. There is a reclaimed mine area a few blocks from our house which is something between a wildlife refuge and a public park. We almost always go there for our walk. The paths today were running with rainwater and the ponds were overflowing. Beauty sprinted across the football pitch (soccer field) and did a Moses impression. When we got home it was straight upstairs to the bathtub for a rinse.

I've registered for an online correspondence course for next September. I'm going to study IT and computing. I want a BSc. And then I'll be cool. I've tried my best to register for universities around here but it's stumped me. They have a cut-off date for applications and classes all start in the fall. My dad's university is much easier to register for and students can join in at the start of semesters, rather than the start of the academic year. The cut-off date here is in January. And they don't make it easy for foreign nationals to become students. They wanted me to pick what school I went to from a drop-down menu--seeing as I didn't attend school in this country I couldn't complete that part of the application, rendering the entire document void. But registering for online courses seemed easy enough and a lot cheaper and I don't have to give up my job to study.