Saturday, October 27, 2018

Self reliance--in underwear!

I hate bra shopping.  Actually I'm not big on clothes shopping and mainly try and put it off as long as possible (to be honest I find shopping in general to be stressful and not enjoyable).  This means for things like bras, I wear them to the absolute limit--and then carry on wearing them some more.

Well, the time really had come and for all the good they were doing, I might as well not be wearing a bra than continue with the two I currently had.  These two and their two predecessors were bought online, because did I mention how much I hate bra shopping?  All that trudging around shops, trying on bra after bra to find one that fits and is in the right color and made of cotton--yeah right like that ever happens.

Until now, that is.  Because I bought a bra sewing pattern instead.  And I cannabalized the hooks and rings (and even some of the elastic) off my old bras and now have two new bras.  They fit, they are the right color and are made of cotton (an old t shirt from my scrap bag, actually).  I can make more of them if I want--any amount of them, and even if I change size I can still make more because it's a multi size pattern.  I never have to go bra shopping again!  I think I'll move on to undies next :)

(While I'm willing to write about my underwear online, I draw the line at showing it!  Suffice it to say that one is all gray and the other is black with turquoise lace overlay.)