Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing outside, lacking motivation

Why is it my days are so busy, yet I never seem to accomplish much?

We've had lovely sunny spring weather, so Franklin and I have spent as much time as possible in the garden. He LOVES it out there. He loves bugs, dirt, picking flowers, walking and crawling, eating twigs, helping me weed (I hand him a weed and he drops it in the bucket for me; this method takes slightly longer than my traditional weeding technique).

I'm currently pondering ways of bringing in extra income while still remaining the primary caregiver for my son--raising Franklin is very important to me. A few non-necessary household items have been swallowed by the depths of ebay, and I think I've earned about £75 total from ten or so sales--not bad, but not a regular source of income. Other ideas I've considered (some more feasible, some less):
  • Provide childcare (I think this involves paperwork and licensing and a large amount of bother)
  • Work at a daycare (not quite as involved as running my own though still a lot of bother)
  • Set up a housekeeping service (sounds suspiciously like starting up a business)
  • Set up an ironing service (see previous)
  • Set up a dog walking service (see previous previous)
  • Set up an online shop, products yet to be confirmed (though technically the path of least resistance, see previous previous previous)
I think what I really need is some motivation. Like a cheerleader (or rear-end kicker). Technically, I could do any of the things on this list. I might struggle with one or two, seeing as I also need to find time to study, but each one could happen.

Any volunteers to be my personal motivator? I've got a bad case of the blahs.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My mother's visit

My mother, here for a two-week visit, has now returned home. Two weeks was just not enough. She came for Franklin's birthday was nearly wholly responsible for getting my house and garden into shape in preparation for the birthday party.

While here, we took my mother to Bolsover Castle, a ruin of a grand 17th century house. It sits at the top of the highest hill around, and the remaining structure is in fairly good condition, considering.

We also visited Harrogate, an old Victorian spa town. The center of town is surrounded by 200 acres of park, and this time of year the grass teems with crocus. Amazing to see. We saw a museum of one of the spas, and tried the water. Yech--sulphur. The Victorians used to bathe in it as well as drink it.

Another beautiful stop on our whirlwind tour was Brimham Rocks, an area with weird and wonderful rock formations. I hadn't planned on hiking or rock climbing that morning when I dressed, otherwise I probably wouldn't've worn a skirt and my best wool coat. I still managed to clamber about, regardless.

Not pictured, but no less enjoyable was York and its amazing cathedral; various junk shops, garden centers, outdoor markets, and cafes; and many comfortable evenings just chatting.

(Funny, but both my mother and Partner said to me before the party, "Why don't I just take the dog for the walk and get out of your way?" My response to both: "Don't you dare!")

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Birthday party

Birthday party: check. What a day. I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad it's done. I made most everything myself, from the invitations to the decorations to the cakes. Nine adults and seven children (five of whom were between 13 months and 9 months) turned up, and the event lasted about an hour an a half. The birthday boy himself was a little shy to begin with, but once the other babies discovered his toys, he jumped in and showed them all how to play with them. Then once all were gone, he had a good solid nap, was up to eat dinner and have a bath, then fell straight back to sleep in bed. A success, I think. Here is Franklin (foreground) with friend Ben.

Everyone went home with another piece of cake and a balloon. I said to Partner after they'd gone, what do you want to bet all the dads are now inhaling helium and talking in chipmunk voices?