Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Excuse me while I faint or cry or both. My workweek has expanded to 50+ hours and while I need the money, for five days a week I do nothing but sleep, eat, and work. Literally. Then on my day off I catch up on all the housework, because while I seem to do twice as much working outside the home, I still seem to have the same amount of chores to do at home. It just doesn't seem right. And Partner spends all my money. At least, I don't spend any of it, and I still see food in the fridge and diesel in the car.

I suggested to Partner that for Christmas this year we buy each other things we need, such as a kitchen floor. We still don't have one. I think it's been two years now. Me personally, I want a few things for the garden, such as three bags of tulip bulbs and a cherry tree. I also want some new clothes seeing as I'm going a bit threadbare. I think Partner could use some new clothes too. He loves new socks. Whereas I dislike socks in general and avoid them wherever possible.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We've been without internet and phone access here at the house for five days but finally got it back on today. We've had to use our cell phones to communicate with the outside world but no email or online banking.

I've gone from a weekly paycheck to a monthly paycheck and it's been a bit tough this past month. But since I'm getting paid tomorrow hopefully things will be a little easier. I've also switched from part time to a full time position; my pay ought to be a bit higher.

It's been a great year for mosquitoes here. I think we have an army of them living in the house, making themselves coffee and watching soap operas while we're out. And then feasting on our blood when we come back. They're just floating past the computer screen as I type, minding their own business, not doing any harm. But those are just diversionary tactics while a stealth battalion creeps up from the rear, guerrilla-style, to perform a shock and awe attack, only to disappear back into the woodwork. By the time I hear the whining of a hundred tiny wings, it's too late. I must say, these mosquitoes know a lot about demoralization.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I keep burning myself at work. My hands are covered in burn marks--mostly from the heat lamps. I try to keep my hands nice by wearing gloves when using cleaning chemicals or washing dishes and of course eating healthily and drinking plenty of water. All so I can have small soft hands covered in burn scars.

The dog and I went on walkies by ourselves for the first time in weeks. With my new hours I have no time or energy for the dog so Partner usually takes her out. I like to go out with her when it's nice weather.