Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Patio gardening

 I put together a rickety raised bed from some old fence posts I had.  It's only a temporary solution, to go on the dead bed next to the neighbor's new fence.  I've got some winter greens sprouting in my garage now, to be transplanted later.  I also sowed a couple more large-ish pots with greens and carrots on the patio.  It's a little late for carrots, but hopefully I'll get some baby ones.
 Lilies are looking--and smelling--great now. 
 Franklin stands in front of most of my vegetable garden for this year.  Pictured, from left to right:  two tomatoes, two cucumber vines (in one planter) climbing up a trellis, and two pumpkin vines also climbing.  I'm not too hopeful for the pumpkins, truthfully.  They aren't really producing female flowers.  You can't really see it in the photo, but one of the tomato pots has a nice big chard plant in it too.  I have three other patio planters, not shown, also with chard. 
 My two other raised beds on the patio (pictured above and below).  The pansies are doing well, considering. I bought them early in the spring, at reduced price because they were half dead.
My little fig tree cutting!  It has little figs!  I think it might be too late in the season for them now, but just look at them!  I'll be planting out this tree next spring, I think;  right now it's happy in a big planter on the patio.