Friday, July 19, 2013

Franklin's black coat, vegetables, it's hot!

Many things happening this past month;  for one, Franklin has a new black wool jacket, which I cut down from a women's coat (bought for £1).  I added welt pockets, a collar (the original was a v-neck), and faced it with leftover olive colored wool from his quilt;  it's unlined, so just a light jacket, and it's nice a big on him, so should last the rest of the year.  I hope.  He's 3,  but his 3T shirts are getting a bit too tight now. 

We briefly made a tipi on the lawn, and also made our handprints on one of our stepping stones.  Mine is yellow.  

We're eating mostly garden veg now, but not quite 100% yet.  On the menu right now:  kale, calabrese broccoli, peas, turnips, potatoes.  The strawberries have just finished, as have the cherries (I made a cherry cheesecake).  I've harvested half the garlic--it's drying out in the garage--and literally used the last of 2012's garlic cloves in our dinner yesterday.  Also drying:  oregano and sage, two very coveted herbs in winter. 

My garage tomatoes are forming fruits;  though not copious amounts, we should have plenty for eating, if not bottling.  Also very excited about my cucumber vines, producing cute little warty fruits--can't wait to eat them!  We love cucumber at this house.

Two weeks off work with Partner and Franklin was a lot of fun;   we spent our wedding anniversary in London with the inlaws, and got to sneak off by ourselves for dinner (curry at the local Indian restaurant).  While in London we also visited the Natural History Museum and Science Museum with Franklin, who loved the dinosaurs.  The only downside to our visit was the heat--the whole month of July has been sunny and hot:  unreasonably hot at 26-32C, and hasn't really rained, or even clouded over.  Last year's summer was one long rain-fest, and this summer's turning out to be a sunburn-fest!  Oh well;  better enjoy it while it lasts.