Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear friends and family,

You may or may not be aware now that I had to have emergency surgery earlier this week. It has been a very distressing time for me and my husband; I'm now in bed, trying to recover and grieving for what was lost. I will try to answer any questions if you email me, though I think I will be taking a break from blogging for a little while.



Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I asked my supervisor two weeks ago if my hours had been cut due to my performance at work. He gave me an incredulous "your hours have been cut?" and subsequently the rota for last week and this week have seen me going back to full days instead of half days. I guess my performance is still adequate and I'm glad to have the work back. Of course, with half days, I felt I could get a bit of my leisure activities in, and still have time for study. Now I do not have that luxury, but we need the money, and study is not yet too tedious for me. A bit overwhelming, perhaps, but still fulfilling.

We've had a lot of snow in the past week, considering it hardly ever snows here. Last winter we got one snowfall, and it was on Easter. Luckily (or not) the worst days were on my days off anyway, so I did not have to skip work. Partner did take one snow day because the roads were so bad. I did not want to drive and I didn't want him driving either. I think the most that we got at our house was about five or six inches. There were pictures on the news of people snowboarding down roads in between parked cars. This clip, however, did not make the news; it's just my garden.

We still have a bit of snow, but it rained a lot last night. It was good while it lasted, and maybe it'll come back again.

I was just wondering about something. Over here on the news, they pronounce the first name of the new US president bare-Rack, but when I watched the inauguration on youtube, the woman pronounced it bar-Rock. So I've gotten used to saying bare-Rack, but now I'm thinking that's just an Anglicism and it's actually bar-Rock. After all, they pronounce their A's funny sometimes: take for instance the word taco. An English person would say tack-0h. And toe-Maw-toe instead of toe-May-toe. So is it bare-Rack or bar-Rock?