Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We got another orchid last month. Already we had five, so I wasn't too sure if I wanted another one; it was also on the blue light special shelf at the store because it had been damaged, most likely in a fall. But Partner insisted and I admit I was only a little reluctant. It's now performing spectacularly. I have to decide on a name. I was thinking of a famous name from fiction, such as Titania, but I already have a Shakespearian-named orchid: Ophelia. Maybe a biblical name, but I already have a Mary Magdalen. Maybe Hester Pryne...I always liked her.

Our hedgehog has put in several appearances so I'm beginning to think it's now a regular feature on an evening. Beauty really likes the hedgehog but I don't think the regard is mutual. We like it too: it scurries around munching sluggies and buggies. And it's adorable.

I think I made a reference to Partner's baseball team in the past, the Strikers. It was my opinion that they were named after their skill at batting. Well, after seeing them in action twice now, I have concluded they should be called the Suckers per their skill at baseball. I think in the whole time Partner played for them they didn't win a game. I can see why. He's still not playing because of his arm and is not allowed to ever again. But if he does, he should join a different team. I saw only one batter get on base with a hit, some very bad fielding errors, and the slowest fastball I have ever witnessed. I think I could throw a faster one. I did provide some heckling of the other team, though, mostly in the form of "Ooooo"ing at the pitcher after he struck two batters with a pitch. I would boo but I'm too polite.

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Anonymous said...

I really felt for Hester Pryne. What women have had to endure....