Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Having been home for two days now, I'm still in a state of deep jet lag. The first day home I slept twelve hours, last night I slept thirteen. Now that I'm back to my regular work schedule, I can't afford to sleep for so long. I'm just So Tired.

Yesterday we got our tree from the attic and decorated it. We have a fairy for a tree-topper, but most of the hanging decorations are glass baubles. At my parents' house, my sisters, mother and I made a tiny winter village out of cardboard. It was so sweet; I'd like to make one for me. Of course, I don't actually have the time for it. I'm behind two weeks in all my coursework and I have big assignments due at the beginning of next month so I can't really drop everything to work on frivolous projects... Speaking of which, I bought two new patterns at a thrift store at my parents', both never before been used, both for fifty cents. And I want to make them. Plus I bought some cute ribbons at another thrift store and some small double-pointed knitting needles for my sock pattern. Too many projects, not enough free time. There aren't really second-hand sewing notions available here, and new ones are so expensive. Besides, the second-hand ones are always a fun surprise. I wish I had more craft/scrapbooking type things like colored paper, rubber stamps and ink, fun scissors, glitter, rick-rack...

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