Saturday, January 03, 2009

We went to my inlaws for New Year's but it was kind of a mistake seeing as we're both still a bit unwell and their house makes us allergic with its animals and such. In fact, I coughed so much I tore something in my ribcage and it's absolutely agony to cough now, and I can't sit up if I'm laid down. What's even worse is that Partner has done the exact same thing: when we cough we have to double over, clutching our sides. Luckily I do feel better than I was, with only a little bit of residual snottiness, and with this injury I'm desperately trying to cough less.

However, I was glad to see my inlaws and they gave me an acrylic painting set as a Christmas present. It's great. I don't have much experience with acrylics but I want to practice. We gave them a wind sock in the shape of a hot air balloon that we bought in America. A few years ago we got them a fish in a fishbowl wind sock and it was So Cute, but it got caught in high winds and lost several pieces. Hopefully this new one will fare better.

This is our dog opening up a bottle to get a drink. Sadly, once she got the lid off, there was not much drink left inside.

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