Thursday, June 24, 2010

Produce and nests (my own and birds')

Coming to the realization I haven't posted any garden pics for a while brought me to these two photos. The first: my delicious new potatoes, grown and harvested (and eaten) by me. They went very well boiled then cooled and tossed into a salad.

Secondly: my asparagus. I admit, I did not grow every spear in the photo. But I did grow some of them (can you spot the difference? We couldn't actually tell much difference in taste) if I can get away with saying two is "some." This brings my asparagus harvest for the year to a grand total of seven spears.

We have a blackbird's nest in the shrub right outside our kitchen window. When I stand at the sink washing dishes I can see mama blackbird flying back and forth to feed three greedy chickies. Partner went out to have a look, and from his angle couldn't see anything, but I could see mama blackbird chirping softly on the fence with a mouthful of goodies, waiting for him to lose interest.

I sewed a quick sun hat for Franklin this week. Though it looks big in the photo, it actually fits him quite well. Making things for my baby satisfies a very primal instinct. Rather like mama blackbird and her mouthful of goodies.


Cosmicharley said...

maybe next time you should just tell me to get out of the way and let Mum get back to feed the little 'uns. Maybe we shoulod think about a picture of them if possible too

Kim Zuch said...

Congratulations on the potatoes and the asparagus! And Franklin's hat is adorable!

Gilbrides said...

That's so exciting to have fresh potatoes and asparagus out of your own garden. How fun! And great job on Franklin's hat---it is SO CUTE!!