Thursday, February 24, 2011

More birthday plans, broccoli, and socks

Broccoli! It's my only producing plant and it's still too small to eat.

I've resolved to have those babies and mamas over for Franklin's birthday. Invitations are made. They get distributed tomorrow. Other plans:

Decorations: I've got two banners made, and a streamer. I might change the streamer into a mobile. Balloons could be had.

Activities: well, they're babies. Maybe Partner can get his guitar out and have a little sing-song. Otherwise, it's play for them, chat for us adults.

Catering: cupcakes and tea and coffee. I can't get over how much the British love their tea. The big baby group we go to lasts for an hour and a half, and tea is offered half-way through. You should hear the sighs of relief when they pass out the mugs. Personally I think most tea tastes like really minerally water. Hot.

I've specified "no gifts please" on the invitations, because this kid has a lot of stuff. And we think a party should be about fun and cake, not about presents.

I finished knitting those pesky socks. The yarn is from a cardigan I bought at a charity shop. I wore it for a while, then decided it just wasn't me, so I unravelled some of it to knit socks. There's a lot of yarn left to unravel. Don't tell anyone, but the right one is about half an inch shorter than the left. Apparently two socks can be knitted simultaneously on a circular needle, to prevent this sort of inconvenience; I think I might try this next time.

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Gilbrides said...

Great job on the socks! Any unevenness is not apparent. I'm sure Franklin's party will be great! Have lots of fun chatting with the other Moms!!