Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not enough time, a new sling, rose of May

Even though I'm neglecting my blog, that doesn't mean I'm neglecting my life. I'm SO busy right now; it doesn't seem real. Not only am I racing to keep (er, actually catch) up with my schoolwork, I'm also working twice my normal hours to cover for a coworker's surgery recovery. Toddler time is hectic and amazing and incredibly time-consuming. Why does it take us exactly one hour from waking up at morning to be ready to leave the house? My computer is allocated to my studies for the time being. Possibly after I take my Java exam next month, things will slow down. Or when my coworker ever returns to work (I've been covering him for more than a month now). Or when Franklin goes to college.

Franklin's outgrown the red ring sling I made; I can no longer take him on walks in it without back pain. Luckily I have a sewing machine and a spare ten minutes every afternoon while he's napping (between eating and you guessed it: studying). I sewed another type of sling for us over the course of three days and we trialled the result today. I will attempt a photo later; it's a mei tai, which has both waist and shoulder straps and his weight distributes beautifully. We took an hour-long walk this morning and my back still feels great.

More than half-way through May, and most of my rosebushes now sport blooms. Normally my first roses bloom in June. Today I planted some more beet and argula seeds; and planted out our cosmo, dahlia, and rudbeckia seedlings. Next up: nicotiana, beans, and zuccini. Zuccini is called courgette here. And arugula is called rocket. As in space. I refuse to pronounce it that way, however, and say rockette instead. Everyone has their limit, after all.

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Gilbrides said...

Wow, you are certainly busy. (and very productive as well!) Great job on being able to sew a new sling. I am sure glad that it doesn't hurt your back to carry Franklin anymore. You are amazing!!