Thursday, July 28, 2011

July's garden and goals

I have so many lovely things in my garden right now. Here's my top five:

5) This amazing purple clematis. It's happily married to my white climbing rose.
They make their home against the south-east corner of my garage. I'm still waiting for them to have children.
4) Little poofy dahlias. They come in several flavors: orange, yellow, red.
3) Are your corneas, like mine, burned out by this red rose?
And tied for first:

1) My potato plants are yielding around 2lbs per plant right now. It's not even August. It's french fry heaven.
One plant! Two pounds! In July!

1) The floral resources to pick bouquets every week. My house smells fabulous. I don't notice (insert flaw here) when I have these flowers to goggle over.
For July's goals: I missed the boat on the second strawberry haul. Or rather, it missed me. I went back to the farm twice during normal business hours and it was closed both times. I sent a very brusque email to them, though haven't heard back. However, the rest of my goals have been more successful. I sewed 10 pairs of undies for Franklin, submitted two assignments, and am nine rows away from being finished knitting my cardigan. Photos to follow!


Gilbrides said...

You certainly are busy! So sorry to hear you weren't able to get more strawberries! I am so jealous of your potatoes and flowers! I am sure it is SO wonderful having such beautiful flowers in your home as well as out in your garden! Great job!

Kim Zuch said...

Looks like you've been busy!