Friday, September 02, 2011

Household accomplishments, turnips

This week while Partner's been off work, we've been so
  • Franklin's bedroom and the office have now been switched--mostly Partner's work, but I helped a little.
  • Partner tiled above the bathtub in the bathroom.
  • I made two jars of wild blackberry jam and bottled four jars of plums (from a neighbor's tree).
  • We (all three of us) picked another batch of blackberries to make more jam--hopefully tomorrow.
  • I razed 3/4 of the weeds in the vegetable patch.
  • We had a full day of shopping in York where we bought some new clothes.
Altogether it's been fun, especially spending so much time with Partner. Since I work weekends and he works weekdays, we never have full days off together.

I've kind of neglected my garden for the past month or so. Franklin and I still go out and play there, but this time of year I always seem to get very bored of weeding; I've only deadheaded my flowers and harvested my vegetables these past few weeks.

I got a lovely surprise when I went out to check on my turnips earlier; the leaves have been partially eaten by beetles, so I was worried about the roots. My quick look turned into an amazed goggle: my turnips are huge! I can't believe it--I only planted them ten weeks ago and already they're at least the size of golf balls. Why couldn't my beets have done that? My biggest beets, first planted in March (so at least 20 weeks) are only the size of marbles.

This week's bouquet includes rudbeckia, sweet pea, dahlia, honesty (seed pod), and peony leaf.

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Kim Zuch said...

Great pictures! I love the flowers and the descriptions! Glad you're having a fun and productive summer!