Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sewing projects, snow

Starting from the top, here is my simple draft excluder. Those buttons I bought for Franklin's coat? Well, they came from an ugly women's jacket, 60% polyester, 40% viscose. Since it was rather a nice color, I used its sleeves to make this.
We got our first snow of the winter (technically the second snowfall, but the first didn't actually land in our garden, strangely; it landed in our neighbor's two doors down, but not ours). Here's a before/after picture of my garlic bed.
That tall grass-like plant in front is actually a bulb iris.
First snowdrop, too!
I made a small cushion from a hat belonging to my grandmother Patrisha, who is no longer with us. I don't have many of her possessions, just a few pieces of jewelry and this hat. Though I love the colors and it's likely she crocheted it herself, this hat just isn't my style. Rather than keep it hidden, unloved, in a box, I stuffed a small round pillow and covered it with her hat.
Why yes, that is a lobster.

I at last have the backing fabric and woollen batting to finish the quilt for Franklin's bed. This means I need to get to work before it's too warm for a wool quilt! Perhaps this summer I will make a wholecloth quilt for our bed, using two cotton sheets and some natural-fiber batting. I've always wanted a luxury duvet, but could never afford a commercially-made one.

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