Thursday, February 03, 2005

Chapter One, Section One

I've been having trouble sleeping for the past few months. I think part of it is because of partner snoring, but part of it is just plain stress. I do notice, however, when I sleep in the other bedroom away from partner, I sleep a lot better. Now, I have concluded that partner (who shall remain nameless) does actually snore, for I have actually heard him and been woken and kept awake by said snoring. It's a lot easier to identify external factors in sleeplessness than internal. What am I stressed about?

A) Money. The obvious one.
B) Marriage. I'll go into that later, if I feel comfortable discussing it.
C) Parents. I'm still not over a major rift with them.
D) Self image. I think that's the subject I'll go to now.

Since I have moved to England I have had to deal with many new changes. I'm not used to the language or the climate or the culture. These are all major things to deal with, things I have no control over. The biggest change I am dealing with now, however, is the change in my body. I am suddenly getting fat.

I don't know if it is the change in diet, or the change in activity level. I don't know if it's even within my control, because I have been trying to control it. I joined a gym in December and have regularly gone twice a week for half an hour of cardio exercise. I've also modified my diet to eat lots of vegetables and not so much fat. Yet for all this, I seem to be getting bigger in my middle.

I thought it was perhaps pregnancy, and I suppose it possibly could be, but I've recently peed on the little stick and come up with the negative sign. I think I might notice if I was this pregnant too. I don't have any other signs except a swollen middle, hips, and thighs.

Ok, so it's not as bad as all that. I'm not so fat that anyone else would actually notice it. I'm about 5'9" and I now weigh about 160#. It's not the heaviest I've ever weighed. I've climbed up to 175# at one point due to far too much junk food. Once I stopped eating it I dropped back to my usual 140#. This time is different. I haven't eaten junk food since the 175# incident. And somehow I've gained 20# in the year I've been here in England. What's going on?

I just went and weighed myself. I'm at 158.5#. Maybe I am losing weight after all.

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Anonymous said...

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