Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I noticed on our walk yesterday the ducks at the pond are swimming in twos and Partner swears he saw frog eggs there the other day but to be honest I didn't look very hard. Dog rolled in something foul. I turned around to see her working her back into it with a big grin. So it was straight upstairs into the bathtub when we got home.

Making the most of the sunshine and relative warmth outside, I did some heavy-duty weeding and hoeing today (and now my hands are numb). The weeds came up easily as the soil is quite damp; even the tenth generation dandelions gave little fight. The only stubborn ones: the nettles. But I persevered and they are all at the bottom of the bin. It's a lovely day for working in the garden; I must have spent about an hour out there. The dog was bored though, and kept asking me if she could go back inside. I kind of like to keep an eye on her when I'm at home as she likes to get into mischief. No doubt she had plans to jump on all the furniture and turn on bad daytime tv very loudly while eating cookies and getting crumbs on the floor. Which is what I suspect she does when she's home alone.

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Kim Zuch said...

I saw British daytime TV one time and it was BAD! But I understand...there's not much on TV here during the day either. Dave's watching Swamp Loggers at 11:30 p.m. right now. I haven't been blogging as long as you, so forgive me for reading your older posts...plus I am in PAIN (rib-related pain...) and cannot sleep so it's not quite as creepy as it may seem :)