Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been in bed for the past couple days but I've found it in me to wobble out and have a go on the computer this morning. I was awakened at nine by a knocking on the door. Hoping it was a delivery of plants I'd ordered, I blearily opened the bedroom window. But it was just a man asking if I had any scrap metal. I don't know if he was shocked at my haystack hair; I didn't have my glasses on. I'm sure in his world, all reasonable people are up and awake, ready to meet callers at nine AM.

So while I've been in bed, Partner's been in charge of the housekeeping. He got really excited at the prospect of laundry, which he is normally not allowed to touch. He said, I'm going to do all the towels together. I said, don't you dare put the white towels in with the dark towels!

My trays of seedlings are excitingly full of greenery now, and the cuttings I took are still not dead yet. I had a look around my garden and some volunteer snapdragons have invited themselves in already. I didn't have any last year, even though I like them so much. They just seem to self-seed in the oddest places. I wonder if they could be increased through cuttings or something. Or maybe I should just gather them all in one place, rather than leaving them randomly dotted about. I've got one in the front that keeps coming back year after year, though it's under a hebe bush. Obviously it's been there longer than the bush, yet the hebe has been here longer than I have. I wonder if it would mind being moved to a more comfortable location?

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