Friday, June 26, 2009

Gardening and robins and not-quite-wellness

I loved the raindrops on this rose. We had a thunderstorm this week which resulted in some very beautiful colors around the garden.

I'm still off work until Monday (paid holiday is great!) but I've been a bit under the weather yesterday and today. Yesterday I slept nearly all day, but woke up very awake at 7 AM today. I'm never willingly awake at seven; if I'm ever up early I like to do stuff (gardening, housekeeping, baking). But not today, and the day has just dragged for me; I haven't done much of anything except lay down.

My runner beans have begun flowering, and I even have a couple teeny bean pods forming. I also have one little green tomato so far, and the cabbage, while slug-eaten, is definitely forming heads. My slug traps are still catching them, but not as many as I'd like. We've also had the first of the baby carrots: yum yum.

I can proudly say that I've made a big dent in the weed population, and have even moved to a smaller bucket now. The weeds left are mostly small and easy to pull up, as they've only sprouted since I began weeding in earnest this spring. Of course, I can't get complacent. Small weeds become big weeds, after all.

And to conclude: our little fluffy ball of cuteness, learning to fly on our patio. This is a baby robin which was born in our garage, and has either graduated flying school or had a bad landing inside a cat. Either way, it's long gone.

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