Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Simple pleasures

After a long day's work, indeed, after a long week's work, the simple pleasures of life take on new meaning. We bought strawberries for the first time this year, and had them after dinner the other night. With sweetened crème fraîche and leftover homemade chocolate sauce they became the food of gods.

Other simple things which give me joy:
  • a jug of iced tea glistening in the fridge
  • fresh flowers on my table, picked from my own garden
  • newly washed sheets on my bed
  • listening to the wild bird who sings "Charge!" all day
  • searching for orchids while walking the dog (still haven't found them)**
  • Coming downstairs in the morning to a clean kitchen
**UPDATE (June 11) Found one today! Will try and remember to bring camera next time.

1 comment:

Gilbrides said...

I love hearing about others' simple pleasures! I love your simple pleasures as well--especially the clean sheets. :)

Isn't it so true, that sometimes the simplest things make us the most happy and are the most worthwhile!