Monday, January 18, 2010

On being a loner

This is a scanned image of a badly printed photo from my work's New Year's Eve party. I think the original image is floating about on facebook somewhere, but as I'm not on facebook (I seriously cannot be bothered, even though I like keeping in contact with people) I don't have access to that image. Partner's on facebook. I'm sure he could find it if he wanted. But I think he spends far far too much time on it. The amount of time he spends (cough*wastes*cough) on it is what makes me not want to sign up.

So I was still able to fit into my Christmas dress, but only just. I have a feeling I wouldn't be able to squeeze into it now without readjusting the fit. I also wore my movie star coat--it's actually a man's coat, so it normally fits me very loosely. But not any more! I can also barely wrap it around me. And Partner wore a brand new bow tie I made for him. It was a costumed event, so we told people we were Richard Whiteley and Carol Vordeman (two British game show personalities--think Pat Sajack/Vanna White). We didn't actually dress up as them; we were merely in our party clothes. I had worked the breakfast shift that morning; I got up at 5.50AM, so by the time 11PM rolled around I was ready to curl up on a bar stool and sleep. But I made it to midnight, did the countdown, pretended to sing the song (does anyone actually know the words to "Auld Lang Syne"?), then at 12.02 sleepwalked out and drove home. I had originally said to Partner that I would try to stay till 1AM, but just couldn't do it.

On my last shift at work, nearly all of my coworkers stopped by to wish me well and remind me that they want to see the baby when he's born. Probably their appearance was coincidental, but I appreciated it all the same. They also got me a big bouquet of flowers. I was very touched. I enjoyed working there (for the most part) because the people were friendly and it was good to go into work and have a chat. Now I'm at home most of the time and don't see many people during the day. I have made an effort to chat with random strangers I've been thrown together with, for example, waiting for the bus, or in childbirth class, to satisfy my socializing needs. I may even pop over to the neighbors' across the street if I get too lonely.

I looked into volunteer work in our area. It looks like a lot of projects available are simply no good for me in my condition. I can't be in contact with germs, so I must stay away from sick people and the general public; I also can't do any work that might injure me, so working with animals or anything with vehicles/lifting/physical work just won't do. The other charity work I looked at which seemed safe enough (like girl scouts and meals on wheels) require a background check. I had to have one when I worked at the care home, and I already know it takes a few weeks to come back. I only have eight weeks before my due date! I think I should have planned this a while ago; it seems too late now. Maybe I'll have to join facebook after all*.

*I will never ever join facebook. Ever.


Gilbrides said...

Even though it's a scanned in picture, I think it's fantastic! It's so fun to see your tummy.

Glad you were still able to wear your Christmas dress. Great job on making it. You are so very talented!!

Adam and Jennie MacPherson Family said...

I know exactly how you feel! When I was pregnant with my oldest I was put on bed rest for the last month. I went from working 40 hrs a week to nothing but rest. It got so old! I was stir-crazy. It seemed to last forever, but when the time came for the baby I was grateful I had had the time to rest and focus on preparations for our new addition. If you need to chat you can always email me:
I would love to visit with you. Besides I could use the interaction too.