Friday, January 08, 2010

The typical day

I can envision myself posting on this blog a bit more often seeing as I'm not obligated to go to work for several months. And then, I can see myself not having much time to devote once the baby's born. I don't want this blog to be a "once a month update on my kid" sort of thing. This blog is about me and my life in particular, and while my child is definitely part of my life (and is soon to be a very big part) I still want to have something of an identity apart from him. And also because I get really bored reading blogs that are only about someone else's children. It strikes me that people who write only about their kids must not have any sort of interests outside of their kids--and that sounds like a frustrating kind of life. It would be for me, anyway.

So today, a typical day of not-at-work, I got up a bit late--maybe 9.15. Mostly I'm up before nine, though I blame both Partner (woke me up at 11 last night) and the pregnancy (woke me up about five more times). I don't consider myself a lark or an owl. There have been times in the past when my schedule demanded that I stay up late, so I would therefore get up late. But I really don't have a problem going to bed early and getting up early--in fact I prefer it.

Once up I get dressed immediately and do something with my hair (French braid today) and dab on some moisturizer. I can't be bothered with makeup at the moment. Dressed, I saunter down the stairs and collect any dishes or (gasp) dirty laundry scattered about and put it in its rightful place. I open curtains and head straight for the back door to put on my wellies. They aren't particularly comfy shoes and I don't wear them in the house, but I find that putting them on before I eat keeps the dog from barking at me. Because she knows that shoes+coat=walk. And she also knows that she is not allowed in the dining room when people are sat at the table. Which is where I will be eating breakfast. A bit convoluted, I know, but the way she gets worked up over walking seriously irritates me.

So anyway. Here I am in my wellies sat down at the table eating my (homemade) granola and (homemade) yogurt, with a book open. I also generally go for a glass of juice but it appears we're out today. Once the breakfast is in the tummy, I quietly put on my coat and try not to get too exasperated at the dog bouncing up and down. Dog goes straight on leash, we go out. No barking today, at least. She is responding to the hush training, by the way. Sporadically.

We walk through the still-heavy snow (got another dusting last night) to the wildlife area, and decide to go the full way around instead of just the half-way which we have been doing recently. Reason for this is that the snow is so thick, walking through it much more of a work-out, so I get tired quicker. Dog goes off the leash and I pretend I don't know her if she does something impolite in front of someone else (no embarrassments today).

Once home, the dog goes back inside to have a drink and get warmed up, but I grab the patio broom from the garage and sweep off the snow from the driveway. I already shoveled the main snowfall off several days ago, but have been sweeping it off every day to keep it from getting icy. We're the only house on the street (probably the only house in the village!) that has a clear driveway. I don't think anyone else shoveled that first day when we got a good six inches, and the result is that it iced over and can't really be shoveled now: just chipped at.

So. My drive and paths to front and back doors are again clear. I go back inside for my drink and warming-up. Once inside I check emails and reply to one or two (I try to get back to people within a week), get slightly distracted reading various blogs, make the bed, call Partner at work to ask him to bring home milk and dishsoap, and generally just sit around. After a lunch of leftover casserole, I watch the news to see the weather report--more ice and snow. Then I read a chapter for my class with a throw blanket around me because it's COLD.

Which brings me up to date. Now I shall go into the kitchen to make more granola, put away clean dishes from last night, and possibly have something else to eat. Later I will work on a crocheted baby blanket and when the heating comes on I will practice piano for a bit (fingers too numb now). Partner is making dinner tonight, despite the fact that he is getting home from work a bit late. But we're having his favorite and specialty: fish and chips.

That's it then: my typical day.


Kim Clawson said...

Your typical day sounds like fun! I don't take my cat for walks but let the chihuaua outside, watch dog and cat growl at each other and take swats, then go take their naps. I went skiing the other day and am still feeling the effects and I'm having dinner at my boss's house tonight, a friend from Goblin Valley is coming to the park to expand her cooking skills.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like such a peaceful day! Lucky you ... make the most of it and enjoy this time before your baby arrives. (I've got three, and have forgotten what peaceful is :) )